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Consumer Protection Competition and fraud repression Directorate-general ( CCF )

General Department of Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression  “CCF” Organized a Meeting on  Handover Ceremony of Printed Copy of “Food Safety Law” Sponsored by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

12 August, 2022

(Phnom Penh):  On the afternoon August 11,2022 at the General Department of Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud Repression "CCF" , His Excellency Phan Oun , Delegate of the Royal Government   in charge as  the Director General of CCF,  met Ms. Rebekah Bell, FAO Representative in Cambodia, to discuss on some key issues related to activities that need to be strengthened in order for better implementation of Food Safety Law  which was promulgated by the King on June 8, 2022.

H.E Phan Oun informed the FAO Representative in Cambodia about the general situation of the food control system in Cambodia, which is a multiple agency system based on the Integrated Food Chain Approach to ensure food safety control systems and implemented at every step of food chain from primary production to consumption and  that is  responsibility of all relevant agencies. Through the implementation of this food safety law CCF will establish a mechanism to coordinate with all involved agencies to ensure the development of food  technical regulations and requirements are based on principle of transparency , collaboration and inclusiveness.

Ms. Rebekah Bell , has appreciated CCF for strong cooperation with the FAO in developing food safety law  and as well as actively participation in the previous FAO projects at the national and regional . She informed the CCF on FAO's ongoing programs related to the food system, such as World Food Day and National Nutrition Day, which scheduled to be held in October 2022 under the theme "Safe Food for Better Nutrition."

She has also informed the some important topics related food safety programs that FAO can offer such as organizing national workshops, promoting the dissemination of laws and institutional capacity building programs, etc. During the meeting, the FAO Representative in Cambodia has delivered 1000 Copies of the Printed Books on Food Safety Law to CCF for better understanding on food safety provisions at internally and also for disseminating  to all relevant stakeholders.

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