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Consumer Protection Competition and fraud repression Directorate-general ( CCF )

Around 7,000 liters of counterfeit alcohol or methanol was cracked down by the Directorate-General CCF in Po Sen Chey District

29 June, 2021

(Phnom Penh): On June 24, 2021, officers of the Directorate-General of Consumer Protection, Competition and Fraud "CCF" with the permission from Deputy Prosecutor of Phnom Penh Municipal Court and in collaboration with local authority of Po Sen Chey district, have raided a warehouse and distribution of counterfeit alcohol or methanol with an address in Sangkat Choam Chao 2.

Based on the inspection, the products, which were suspicious counterfeit alcohol, were sampled to retest in CCF Directorate-General mobile lab with the following results:
- 121 containers of suspected alcohol and 800 bottles, equivalent to 4,030 liters were analyzed as methanol (counterfeit alcohol)
- 104 cans of suspected alcohol, equivalent to 3,120 liters, were examined as a mixture of methanol (counterfeit alcohol).

After the examination, those samples were collected and analyzed in the laboratory of the CCF Directorate-General for further confirmation. All exhibits have been sealed and stored temporarily to process further proceedings.

According to Cambodia’s February 20 COVID-19 Community and guidance of H.E Pan Sorasak, Minister of Commerce, H. E Phan Oun, Delegate of the Royal Government of Cambodia in charge as Director General of CCF, has measured on this counterfeit alcohol case. As a result, officers of the Directorate General CCF have been cracking down on the fraud alcohol from methanol approximately 48 tons.

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