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Consumer Protection Competition and fraud repression Directorate-general ( CCF )

40.62 tons of counterfeit alcohol (Methanol) is confiscated from the market and destroyed by Directorate-General CCF

14 June, 2021

(Phnom Penh): In a situation where Cambodia as well as the world is experiencing Covid pandemic, some dealers have taken this opportunity to exploit the consumers by selling Methanol, counterfeit alcohol, as disinfectant alcohol.
Before this time, Directorate-General CCF has been inspecting disinfectant alcohol products on the markets, in pharmacies and in warehouses, based on the instructions of H. E Phan Oun, the Royal Government of Cambodia in charge as General Director of CCF following the guidance of H.E Pan Sorasak, Minister of Commerce. In fact, 40.62 tons of counterfeit alcohol (Methanol) was discovered and confiscated from the market. In addition, approximately 40 tons of counterfeit alcohol (Methanol) has been collected and destroyed by CCF officers with the permission of the Prosecutor's Office of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

Once again, Directorate-General CCF requests to all wholesalers, retailers, pharmacists, supermarket owners and importers of disinfectant alcohol products to conduct their business responsibly, adhere to ethics and integrity, and consider the welfare of the people more than personal profits.

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