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Ministry of Commerce

អគ្គនាយកដ្ឋានការពារអ្នកប្រើប្រាស់​ កិច្ចការប្រកួតប្រជែង និងបង្ក្រាបការក្លែងបន្លំ​ « ក.ប.ប. »​

Consumer Protection Competition and fraud repression Directorate-general ( CCF )

សេចក្តីប្រកាសព័ត៌មាន សេចក្តីប្រកាសព័ត៌មាន
S.No. Product Image Product Name Description Model Country Where Made Jurisdiction Of Recall Press Release
1 Dried Chilli Dried Chilli According to (ARASFF) No: TH-20210125-00258 announces the discovery of the export of dried chillies N/A Myanmar Thailand Read More
2 Fresh Longan Fresh Longan System (ARASFF) MY-20210208-00261, dated 04 February 2021, published the announcement of the discove N/A Thailand Malaysia Read More
3 Beef Tallow Hotpot Seasoning Beef Tallow Hotpot Seasoning Chino, CA-based GLG Trading Inc. late Monday recalled almost 97,000 pounds of beef tallow products N/A China USA Read More
4 Dried Shitake Mushroom Dried Shitake Mushroom System (ARASFF) MY-20210127-00259 dated 21 February 2021 published the announcement of the discover N/A China Malaysia Read More